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Wanchow Designs Launches Arem Snowboards Website

Just got done finishing up the website for Arem Snowboards.  I have been riding these boards for the last couple months now and I was actually pretty shocked to find out how good they ride considering they are a small start up company.  I think they ride better than a Arem Websitelot of other boards produced by companies that have been in the game for years.  I got to tip my cap to Rick for coming up with a really solid board design.  I will be working on next years graphics for the 2014/2015 boards soon so check back for some previews.  For now check out the new Arem Website:

Check out Arem Snowboards

Arem Snowboarding is a new snowboard company out of Vernon, New Jersey started by a friend of mine named Rick Milewski. I have to admit these boards are pretty sick.  They are all terrain boards with magne-tractionish like edges and have camber and anti camber in all the right spots.  Not to mention they are fully MADE IN THE USA, a rarity nowadays.  Check them out on facebook.  I will be launching a website for Rick and Arem Snowboards really soon.  This is a sample of the board graphics I designed for Arem for the 2013/2014 winter season.

Winter 2013/2014 Arem Snowboard Graphics

Winter 2013/2014 Arem Snowboard Graphics

New Logo Design for Pet, Bath, and Beyond

This is the new logo I designed for my friends new Pet Store in Placerville, CA.  The pet store will feature a “do it yourself” area to bath and groom your pets.  I will be working with them to help them launch a website for them later on this year.  I will also be assisting them in creating a google account for the store to put them on the map.  I will also assist in submitting the store to various search engines to help them get found on the web.  Check back soon for the full website. Right now for info give them a shout at 530-647-1000.

Logo Design

If you like Punk Rock…

If you like punk rock check out my new band !SSA that I play drums for.  This video here is the first live show that I have ever played.  I will be designing a website for the band soon so check back soon for some new links.  If you want me to send you out any demo CDs from the band feel free to contact me and I will try to get you some free tunes.  We mostly play in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area for now.  If you want to book us for a show or would like to know when we are playing link up with us on facebook.  If you are looking to book us right now would probably be the best time since we are willing to play for free just for the exposure.