I think the two main key components for making a good website are high quality images and interesting content.  Good photography and a good design keeps your website looking nice and clean.  Having good and updated content keeps the visitors to your site interested in coming back.  If you decide to have a fully functioning e-commerce website, it helps to have high quality images of your products so your customers can see exactly what they are getting.  It also helps to make sure your product descriptions are as detailed as possible explaining all the features and benefits of your products.  The more information you leave your visitors with, the better the chance you will sell them the product on the spot increasing your conversion rates.  To gain visitors to your website it also helps to submit and integrate your website with all of the popular search engines like google.  Creating a google account is pretty straight forward and simple.  It is also mostly FREE, so its a very cost effective way to get your website on the map.

I designed, helped develop, maintained, and fulfilled orders for from 2008-2013.

I designed, helped develop, maintained, and fulfilled orders for from 2008-2013.

Current Projects

2014 and beyond!

Arem Snowboard Company was started by Rick Milewski in 2012.  Arem produces high quality snowboards with the latest board technology and they are all Made in the USA.  I launched the website for Arem in January of 2014.

Pet Bath and Beyond is a unique DIY pet bath service where you can come in, bath your pet, and leave the mess.  They also have a full inventory of pet food and pet supplies.  Check them out.

I designed and developed the Vernon Skatepark (VSMO) website with TJ Zich and we launched the site back in 2009.  This site is dedicated to our non-profit organization to try to get a free public skatepark for the town of Vernon, NJ.  I admit this website has become a little outdated I plan on revisiting this project and hopefully will launch a new website for the VSMO later this year.